It’s Easter Monday 2020, the third week of the lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic. We practice social distancing and stay at home.
Besides the health issues there is a growing concern about the economy. People are losing their jobs, companies are growing out of business and friends of mine who are freelancers don’t have any work.
As I scroll through my social media feeds I read postings telling me to find the opportunity in the crisis.
I really appreciate the positivity of that and the attitude to take ownership of my life.
Still I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with this message.
Have you ever been heart broken? Have you ever felt lost? Or even, did you lose a loved one?
A crisis is a process that has its stages like the  stages in grief. Everything I know is not valid anymore. The person I am and who I want to be is at stake.Telling me to find the opportunity in the crisis is like denying that there is a crisis. Anyone can get  stuck at any time in this prozess. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but I might not make it there.
It takes courage to move on. And much more than these inspirational quotes of the motivational speakers we need to show how to not give up, how to carry on and what it takes to transform oneself.

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