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Before the internet there were gatekeepers who controlled who gets published, when and how. They get their power out of scarcity. The internet eliminated the scarcity. But today we are facing a different problem. It seems like there is a new kind, a different kind of gatekeeper – the algorithm. Social media supports the screamiest and most controversial voices, because the algorithm doesn’t care about us or about the content.

As a marketer who wants to build my business based on trust and integrity – how can I be heard and get the attention of the people and organisations that I would like to serve?

This is my reaction to Seth Godins latest podcast.

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news can be malicious

News can be malicious. ⠀
I try to stay away from negative negative thoughts as good as I can. Sometimes I’ll have to go where these negative thoughts flourish.⠀
If I get in touch with it don’t try to not let them get into my system
This is what helps me: ⠀
I surround myself with positivity and leave as little space as possible for the negative to settle down.
If a negative thought entered my system question the relevance⠀
What is the intent of these idea? Does it push my fear button and pushes my to anxiety? Is as supportive idea that empowers me and opens a new perspective? What is the impact of the news on my life. What does it ‘re about the sender so I can create a distance ⠀
These actions help me to stay sane⠀
model @pavlina_simon 🙏

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love in times of corona

loosing a loved one is sad having all my appointments cancelled is frustrating I don’t need anymore information about how serious the situation is I don’t know what the future holds. What matters is what I do today Now is the time to do what I love I chose to create something beautiful

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