This is my rant about the competitive world. 

Everywhere I look I see people driven by their ambitions and goals. They making their plans, always checking their status and compare to each other. 
In this world people like me are dropouts, losers and slackers. 
They are tracking every little step they make and call it progress. But their metrics are all wrong. 
Every little validation from outside is more valuable to them than what they have inside. 
They suffer and suffer and suffer and call it passion. They are burning with desire but they can’t handle the fire. 

Little by little they’re burning this world to the ground. 
How can it be that they do not see the consequences of their actions? Is it some kind of short sight? Are they unable to connect the dots? Or are they willingly ignoring the fact that their fire leaving nothing but ashes. 

I don’t want to be like them. I can’t live like them! I can’t even breathe in this toxic environment. 
This world sucks. 
I opted out of this competitive word long time ago. 
I would burn out if I would try to be like them. And I know that they are burning out too. Desperately they are seeking for some peace of mind. 

Let me show you a little bit of my world. 

I am driven by my curiosity. 
I don’t play a game that I can’t win. I run my own race and I don’t have to compete with anybody else but me. 
I am enough. I have all the resources that I need to deal with the challenges that life throws at me. 
I am a systemic thinker. I am mindful about the resources I use. I would rather do less and be more. I start small and make constantly little improvements. 
I find pleasure in the little things, the daily task, like swiping the floor. I believe that every little task will pile up to something great. And if can’t get the little things right how would I succeed at any greater task. 
I make my bed. I set up my environment for the one thing I would like to accomplish today. Like a gardener a choose the field where I plant my seeds. I carefully pick the ground where the odds are in the favour of my planted ideas. 

I thrive from within

All I need is calm and a quiet space to achieve great. 
I have my dreams and desires too: 
I would love to be a positive role model for people like me. Show them to be successful on their own terms. 

The journey is the reward

Learn to love the process!

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