Recently I passed the exam Mb-900 Dynamics fundamentals. I am playing around with Dynamics 365 for over a year now and I am eager to get the certification for that.

To challenge myself I scheduled the next exam eight weeks from now.

Dividere et conquere and the Pareto principle

Every task will take the time that is given for it. The Italian mathematician Pareto ?formulated this principle. It doesn’t really matter if I set the date for the next exam eight or ten weeks from now. It will take the time I’ll give myself. It is important in that matter, that I’ll have to set myself a deadline. Otherwise it could take to infinity to accomplish my goal.

The next exam MB-200 is it much more difficult exam than the fundamentals. It is not only multiple choice. I’ll have to pay attention to the details and there will be some practical labs.

Looking at the exam as a whole would be paralyzing for me. So I divided my preparation in small durable parts. Dividere et conquere is known by the Romans and served empowers like Caesar well.


To get a trial for the practice labs is essential.
For hands on experience and practice there are these self paced labs.
In openedx there are 4 courses that cover the topics of the exam:

Additional to that there are these learning paths on Microsoft learn.

I identified 48 single topics I had to learn. Consistency is king. But I am not really a disciplined learner. To learn every day for one hour learn every would be doable.  I created a kanban board to keep track of my progress.
Now I am all wrapped up and ready to go.
Not really I spend an hour at the gym to calm down and deal with the excitement and anxiety.

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