rethinking my content marketing strategy

In February 2020 I started to change my posting routine  I started posting regular and used buffer to schedule may postings. As I planed my postings ahead I felt less stressed and less pressure to be consistent in my postings. Post by post the content I shared changed: I shared more personal stories and allowed myself to be more open and vulnerable. 

The caption section of my Instagram postings got longer and longer and I shared my stories also on my blog and on LinkedIn as I felt that these platforms were more suitable for this type of content. 

Still Instagram played a major role in my content marketing. As the quality of my content changed, I realised that had to change the way I used hashtags to increase the reach of my content. So far, I had selected hashtags that were popular or I found sexy or specific to my personal brand. 

But maybe that wasn’t what my audience was looking for. And the was my audience anyway? 

I believed in an organic approach to identify my audience. That means I I didn’t determine my audience upfront but to find out in the process of posting to whom my content was resonating and who was reacting to my content. 

The hashtags played a major role in this strategy to reach out to the unknown fans. I needed them to dress up a little. 

instagram account stats
instagram account stats 12-03-2020

Here are some helpful resources I found: 

I had no idea how the Instagram algorithm work. This video by Dominique gave me some insights and some hints how to explore the topic further. 

If I wanted my hashtags to perform better, I needed them to align with my content. But what did that mean exactly? 

Using popular hashtags did not seem to be a smart move. 

Now I use RiteTag to get suggestions for my visual and written content. And I use hastastic  to evaluate the hashtags and find better ones. I find the Daily Post Count metric very helpful. 

I get some basic figures about me and my postings on Ninjalytics and on IQ Hastags

I still haven’t found what I am looking for: 

Instagram tells me how often a hashtag is used in a post. And it shows me the most popular post for an hashtag. This does tell me very little about my audience as I don’t want to win a popularity contest. 


I started scrappy because any marketing strategy is better than no strategy at all. Think big is not the right way for me as I try to be specific and try to find the least viable audience. 

I Need A Hero

a mentor; a person who has done before what am trying to achieve
In high school I learned about socrates
I know that I know nothing
Seeking the truth is a journey and to ask the right questions is far more important than having the answers
before Socrates there was Snoopy by Charles M. Schulz
There was this comic strip in the Saturday newspaper and I used to fight with my brother who is gonna read it first
Snoopy taught me:
If you show some humor facing a difficult situation you*ll win
Who are your heros of your childhood and adolescent who taught you something that helped you to navigate through life?
model Mimi 🙏

young woman lying on bed reading a magazine


I am making my life instagramable As if every moment of it is filled with excitement and adventure.
It is not

This reminds me of a story by Mark Twain I read as a child Tom Sawyer was tasked by his Aunt Polly to whitewash their fence as a punishment for a prior mischief. He made it look like it was a great honour and he is enjoying every moment of it. At the end of that day, a dozen boys painted the fence for him

young woman sitting on a purple sofa

By the way I have to do my laundry and need to by some soap at the drugstore Anybody???

model: @torilyaa 🙏