What if …

  • we can build an economic system that serves the people.
  • companies are valued by how they take their responsibility about ESGs – environmental, social and governance goals
  • small businesses are organized in community networks and cooperate in an ecosystem

My Vision of Photography

Like every other art form, photography has the power to create transformative moments – for the photographer as well as for the viewer.
For the photographer, the camera becomes an extension of her mind.
For the viewer, the images are an invitation to fit moments of calm into the everyday life and explore artistically new possibilities of action for their lives.

My aim is to create images that appeal directly to the heart of the viewer.

How to move forward

Business Zen is a system I am developing for myself to feel what a business wants and needs and to build run and grow a business from the inside. It provides me with tools, methods, and a mindset to have a clearer view and a deeper understanding of 

  • who I am 
  • the situation I am in 
  • the journey that lies before me 

This way I am able to advance my career, when the destination is unknown and the vision is blurry. 

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