It was Sunday and I wanted to relax a little bit and enjoy the day. It was a quite nice winter day – not too sunny, not too cold. It was a perfect day to stay in and read a book, listen to some music, to take a little walk before lunch and then prepare the lunch for the upcoming week. 

My head was working all the time.

As usual I started the day by writing my morning pages to declutter my mind. I realised that my mind was racing. 
There was a new project I’ was working on and I was very excited about it.  After writing my morning pages I took a short note to myself and then went for a bicycle ride. 
I needed to do some physical exercise to process my thoughts and feelings. As I went home, I wrote down what excited me about the project: 
I wanted to make sure that the project will be done right and set up for success. Even more because so it was a new kind of project for me and there was a lot to learn for me in there. 

I wrote down my intention and created to do list for the next day. I could have opened my laptop and started working. But I don’t like to work on a Sunday.

I want my weekend to be a recreation time and to keep it free of work.

As I sat down at the breakfast table with my wife, I needed to meditate to find some Peace of Mind to be open about what my wife wanted to tell me. 
I love our conversations in the morning at the breakfast table. They are always very special and insightful and I didn’t want to miss a single bit of it. 
This time we had a very inspiring conversation about the life and work of an artists. Raphaela has heard a quote of a performing artist who turned 100 these days. She said:

I used to life for my art. Now my art is living for me.”

Why is it so vital to understand that the art serves us- the artist. The job of an artist is to package this raw energy of pure art – an energy that is so powerful that most people cannot handle it – and ship it to the people who desires and needs it.  
A very inspiring insight I’m sure I will talk about it in the future. 

After breakfast I wrote down all of this in my journal. Finally, I was able to relax and to continue with the day as I imagined it.

For most people excitement is a good thing.

It fills them with energy, they feel passionate and want to created something. I think it’s needs to be managed as well. Because it eats me up from inside just as anxiety would do and leave me exhausted. 

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