The Vision

Small businesses and companies of one that are purpose drive and pursue ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals will thrive in a highly competitive market that is dominated by big players that prioritize comfort over sustainability.

What do I seek to change 

Lag of leadership in businesses today 

Leadership empowerment 

As leaders, we are under pressure and overburdened with the amount of decisions we have to make.

We cannot lead without saying 

  • I might be wrong 
  • this may not work 

My Vision of Photography

Like every other art form, photography has the power to create transformative moments – for the photographer as well as for the viewer.
For the photographer, the camera becomes an extension of her mind.
For the viewer, the images are an invitation to fit the moment of calm into the everyday life and explore artistically new possibilities of action for their lives.

My aim is to create images that appeal directly to the heart of the viewer.

citizen developer and data practitioner

I love to play with technology and see which tools can I can build on my own or find tools that I can use to help me running my business 
I’m also looking for tools for my mind because there’s the spiritual aspect of running a business too: The business philosophy. It is the foundation and the backbone of my business. Without that I am lost and technology won’t save me. It is my spiritual skills that tell me what I want the technology to do. 

human centered technology

So I’m looking for the tools for my mind that will help me to practise self-awareness, find meaning in what I do, be mindful about my surroundings, be adaptable to change and most of it all be a good listener and able to communicate with empathy. 

I sum this up with the term business zen 

What matters the most to me is to live a life on my own terms: Which means that I work with ease joy and fulfilment

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