mission statement

portrait of the business zen coach Ingo Hampe
portrait of the Ingo Hampe

What interests me the most is business development 

How can I build my business organically then how can I help others to grow their business organically? 
Like most creatives I’m not a good business person.  And I don’t have to. There are tools that can help me to run my business successfully. I am into that very much. 

citizen developer

I love to play with technology and see which tools can I can build on my own or find tools that I can use to help me running my business 
I’m also looking for tools for my mind because there’s the spiritual aspect of running a business too: The business philosophy. It is the foundation and the backbone of my business. Without that I am lost and technology won’t save me. It is my spiritual skills that tell me what I want the technology to do. 

human centered technology

So I’m looking for the tools for my mind that will help me to practise self-awareness, find meaning in what I do, be mindful about my surroundings, be adaptable to change and most of it all be a good listener and able to communicate with empathy. 

I sum this up with the term business zen 

What matters the most to me is to live a life on my own terms: Which means that I work with ease joy and fulfilment

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