leading with an infinite mindset

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People have the tendency to follow those who seems to have all the answers, especially in uncertain times like these. 
It would be easy to fall into this trap. But how can I be a leader or an authority when I say: I don’t have a clue. 
It is tough, because my audience expect me to have answers. 
Socrates was known for the saying; I know that I know nothing. And he pushed it even further. He talked all to all these experts and made them admit that they don’t have a clue about their field of expertise. He asked Laches, the general of the Athenian Army, about bravery, for example. 
For Socrates, this step was essential. The only way to gain knowledge was to admit that everything I know is wrong. 

We live in a world that got more and more complex. Although we have access to information like never before, that doesn’t help us to understand the world better or to make wiser decisions. The opposite is true. 
With every new information, everything we know could become obsolete. So, having answers falls short. To be a leader, I need a different trait – a new mindset.A mindset that Simon Sinek calls the infinite mind. It’s a mindset that trusts in the process. That finding the answers constantly again and again is much more valuable than having any answer. And that’s why I need to be comfortable to say: I don’t have a clue. 

That it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s only a sign that you’re willing to look for the answers over and over again and to question what you know at every point in time. That I trust in the process and developed a skill that allows me to deal with problems in a complex world. 

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