I never wrote anything good until I stopped trying to write the truth, 

Steven Pressfield

I am a rather private person. Sharing my thoughts and feelings does not come natural to me. May way to work around my resistance is to transform my life into some sort of fiction: Something that is larger than life. So that what I have to say contains a fictional truth, an artistic truth than goes beyond the reality. That’s what I aim for in my photography. I would like to create more personal projects that report about my life. 
In doing so there is no room for:
Fake it till you make it!
No one needs more success stories, like:
If I could make it you could too. 
A good book doesn’t show me how to write a good book. 
As the public figure, that I am on social media my job is to be honest to me and to my audience and expose every step that I take and every failed attempt I took. I would like to show my journey, my work and my process in the sincerest way so that you, dear audience, may discover your journey on your own. 

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