how to live and work with ease, joy and purpose

life is not about the things that happens to us. It is the meaning we get out of these events
enjoy life – enjoy yourself is about the emotional risk and emotional labour that it takes to make a change:
to step into the unknown
to face the fear and
deal with failures

Ingo Hampe
Ingo Hampe – photographer and business zen coach

I always had a strong intuition which let me to places where I could grow – personally, spiritually and economically.
It guided me as I explored the mysteries of my life. I helped me to navigate through the mist my life was – a journey in which I could not see a clear path ahead: And this is still the case I’m afraid.
I needed to train my intuition like any other skill. I paid attention to the place I moved through and more importantly I learned to be aware of my emotions.
Listening became my superpower. I became genuine curious.

Photography is for me a kind of zen meditation –  a practice in self abandoness. I am present in the moment and focussed on the image that unfolds before me.
It is also a great tool  to practice my perception. To see the world as it is without judgment.
I love to be playful during the shooting and change perspectives constantly. Each new angle reveals a different aspect of truth of the subject. That is how I am able to create pictures that have a natural look and an authentic energy.

In high school I was introduced to Socrates

I know that I know nothing.

the Socratic paradox

Socrates became my idol and mentor. I adopted his approach to my life: To ask the right questions is far more important than having the answer. I became brave enough to ask the questions that arose in me and Over the time I became better and better to ask the right questions. The ones that opened myself.

Throughout  my life I have experienced that people asked for my advice. I was a natural born intuitive leader.  A role which was hard to accept for me at first because I believed that I had to have all the answers. But then I remembered  Sokrates and tried to ask the right questions – the questions that revealed the answers that already existed in the questioner but were covered and hidden.

My clients report that they gained an inner clarity. And this helped them to make difficult decisions and decisions that were in alignment with their core values and beliefs. They noted how talking with me helped them to stop  overthinking things and to reduce anxiety. As they connected to their inner being they were able to live and work more purposefully and with greater joy and much more ease.