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Ingo Hampe Business Zen Coach
Ingo Hampe

intuitive intelligence

A friend once called me Lebensküntler – master in the art of living. To me my whole life seems to be an expedition. It is about exploring the unknown, learning and self development. 

I always had a strong intuition which guided me to places where I could grow – personally, spiritually and economically.
It helped me to navigate through the mist my life was ans still is.

I know that I know nothing.”

the Socratic paradox

business zen

At the moment I am developing a system that allows me to be sustainable, self-reliant and focus on doing the work that I love (which is people photography) for those who love what I do and why I am doing it. 
I call this system business zen.
Business zen is about implementing the self-awareness, mindfulness, intuitive intelligence, data literacy and the use of the technology that is at hand into business development. 
The aim of business zen is to build a human cantered organization that focuses on the way how things are done and performs from the inside. Its focus is to improve the processes and workflows instead of the outcome. 
Doing so it is able to grow a business organically and build a business without a plan that is not determined by its goals 

conscious photography

To me taking pictures is a kind of zen meditation – a practice in self abandoness: To be present in the moment and focus on the image that unfolds before me.
Photography is also a tool for personal development. I practice conscious photography – view the world as it is without judgment.
My aim is to create pictures that have a natural look and feel with an authentic energy.