To create a work that matters and work with ease, joy and fulfilment 

Ingo Hampe Business Zen Coach
Ingo Hampe

intuitive intelligence

A friend called me once Lebensküntler – master in the art of living. My whole life feels like an expedition. 
I always had a strong intuition which guided me to places where I could grow – personally, spiritually and economically.
It helped me to navigate through the mist my life was – a journey in which I could not see a clear path ahead. 

Like most creatives I’m not a good business person. But there are tools that can help me to run my business successfully. 
And I love to play with technology and see which tools can I can build on my own or find tools that I can use to help me running my business. 
I’m also looking for tools for my mind because there’s the spiritual aspect of running a business too: The business philosophy. It is the foundation and the backbone of my business. Without that I am lost and technology won’t save me. It is my spiritual skills that tell me what I want the technology to do. 

conscious photography

Photography is for me a kind of zen meditation – a practice of open awareness and to be in a state of mind of self abandonment:
I am present in the moment and focussed on the image that unfolds before me. In my work I aim for pictures that have a natural look and an authentic energy. I try to capture moments that are a visual representation of an emotional state.
I want my photography to be a tool for self development and a form of fiction.

I know that I know nothing.

the Socratic paradox

Socrates became my idol and mentor. I adopted his approach to my life: To ask the right questions is far more important than having the answer. 
Throughout my life I have experienced that people asked for my advice. I was a natural born intuitive leader.  A role which was hard for me to accept at first because I believed that I had to have all the answers. 
When people asked for my advice, I remembered Socrates’ approach to strife for knowledge: Asking the right questions will reveal the answers. Answers that already existed in the questioner but were covered and hidden. After talking to me my clients report that they gained an inner clarity. 

business zen

How can I live a life on my own terms? 
How can I build my business organically more important: How can I coach others to grow their business organically? 

I train my intuition like any other skill. I practice self-awareness and the perception of what surrounds me. I became genuine curious.  and listening became my superpower. 

My aim is to build a sustainable business following my intuition and take advantage of the technology that is at hand.